Petit Verdot
Decades 5 is a 100% Petit Verdot varietal wine from Stagecoach Vineyard in Napa Valley. Petit Verdot traces its roots to Bordeaux, where it is often blended into some of the world’s finest wines to provide added structure, tannin and color. Winemakers worldwide have used Petit Verdot in blends, but seldom create a wine based purely on this varietal due to its late ripening and slow maturation process once fermented and bottled.

Decades 5 has located some of the world’s finest Petit Verdot in a specific area of Napa Valley where the growing climate is ideally suited for this varietal.  A longer growing season with cool nights and hot days allows the grape to ripen in balance, which results in a wine with power and structure while maintaining an elegant fruit profile that will develop with proper cellaring. 

In Decades 5, we have created a wine from one of the noblest of grape varieties that will continue to evolve in the bottle for 10-20 years and reward those patient enough with a wine of striking elegance and complexity. 
Decades 5 comes solely from the historic Stagecoach Vineyard in the Atlas Peak AVA of California’s Napa Valley. Stagecoach Vineyard is the largest contiguous mountain planting in Napa Valley, which stretches nearly to the hills overlooking Oakville. The rocky, volcanic terrain lends a complexity and structure best suited for muscular and powerful red wines such as Petit Verdot.